We bring 20 years of experience in design, development, and project delivery

Software Design

Architecture and Design

We ensure project success by taking the time to design a solution that fits your exact needs. Our custom software solutions start with an engagement meeting to determine how we can help you solve your problem. We model user personas to determine our target audience. We then determine the simplest way to deliver value to your users as fast as possible

Software Development

Development and Delivery

With our audience determined we can rapidly build a custom software solution that meets your needs. We use lean software development techniques to deliver working prototypes into users hands quickly. We then refine the software to dial in the fit based on user feedback. The result is high quality software that is tested, approved and delivered quickly.

Software Project Management

Project Management

Throughout the life of your project we have lean project management processes in place to give you total transparency into project velocity, budget and timelines. Project status updates are delivered weekly. Stakeholders are welcome to join daily standup calls and provide input to refine the vision as we build. Web based tracking tools such as Trello provide 24/7 access to project status.

Our previous projects

We like to let our client list speak for itself. Check out what we have worked on recently


We partnered with Xavier Lab and Disney Imagineering to build two new interactive guest experiences for the new NBA Experience at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL. These NBA themed attractions invovled interactive touch displays, a scalable socket-based gameplay engine, and dynamic content management. Additionally, there are custom hardware integrations for sound, lighting and user feedback. Learn more about the project here

We partnered with the team from Velope.tv and Samsung's Research and Development team to imagine the next generation in-home TV experience. Most of the project details are still under NDA but the platform we used was React Native to build a multi-platform interactive experience targeted to 4K television screens. The system also involved voice assistant interactions and facial recognition technology. Multiple forms of user interaction including, touch, voice, and gesture interactions were supported.
We again partnered with the team from Velope.tv and the team at Starz to build the next generation Xbox 360 and Xbox One application for the Starz Play brand. The Xbox one platform is a Microsoft Windows Universal application able to run on Xbox or windows desktop. This application allows the streaming of Starz video and advertising interstitials. The video streaming player supports DRM protected content and dynamic pre-roll and interstitial ad playback. You can see more about the app here.
The team at Kelvi brought a new heating and cooling treatment device to the market and engaged our team to help build the mobile application interface for this device. We built a cross-platform mobile app solution using Xamarin Forms which allowed us to re-use 95% of the code across all platforms. We developed 2 applications that interact with the device. One targeted towards therapists and one targeted towards patients. Each app was delivered to both the iOS and Android app stores for a total of 4 applications. The mobile application leveraged Bluetooth to communicate with the proprietary treatment device and we iterated with the team at Kelvi closely as the brand new hardware was being developed in parallel to our efforts. You can read more app the product here
Beacon Cloud Solutions
We worked together with the team at Beacon to solve a long-standing problem in the DoD security space. As part of their normal workflow, DoD security consultants must constantly refer to DISA's published security guidelines, known as STIGs. The problem has been that the STIG data is locked away in .ZIP files with incomprehensible XML structures that make working with this data cumbersome. So, together, we developed a system that provides a search engine for this data. Now, from your browser, you can simply type in what you are looking for and quickly get your answer. This system is built on AWS and leverages ElasticSearch. We also delivered a mobile application to the iOS and Android app stores. The web site is a fully compatible React based Progressive Web App (PWA) which makes maintaining the web interface and the mobile interface seamless. You can see the system in action here or install the iOS or Android versions of the app
As one of our longest-tenured clients, we have built many different projects with the team at Inovise. Most recently we have developed a cloud-based system for analyzing ECG data from patient-worn sensors. This system was built on top of Microsoft Azure's scalable cloud infrastructure. The solution is a hybrid model that includes Docker-based AppServices and full Virtual Machine based scale sets. Working with a mixture of new and legacy technology, we built a system quickly that could provide a cloud-based API over existing software that Inovise has. Prior to this, we developed a native Android Wear application to allow patients to directly run an ECG scan from their smartwatch while wearing a proprietary sensor.
Hunter Industries
We worked with Hunter in their "mob" programming teams to help build a state of the art IoT solution for their commercial irrigation product. We leveraged AWS to build a scalable infrastructure that could handle millions of messages a day through the IoT broker. The project also developed patented user/device interaction for pairing a smart device to the cloud-based system. From the beginning, continuous delivery was the core focus of the development team. Through an automated build and test environment, we were able to help the team at Hunter rapidly build and deploy the greenfield product to stakeholders for approval. You can see more information on this project here
EDF Energy
We partnered with EDF and the Town of Vulcan in Alberta Canada to deliver an augmented reality kiosk for Vulcan's new solar park. The kiosk's purpose is to drive an understanding of solar power and the impact it has on community energy usage. As you view the kiosk (an augmented reality of the solar park), the sun position, current weather conditions, and moon phase all reflect real-time weather data. When you look up at the sky, the sun is in the same position as it is shown on the kiosk. As you interact with the kiosk you can view up to the second energy generation data live from the panels in the park. You can compare the amount of energy generated to common household uses and see how the two relate. You read more about the project here

Our team



An experienced software consultant. Brad is a highly skilled full-stack engineer, with a deep background in the .NET ecosystem (6 times C# MVP, .NET Instructor). Also, strong skills with cross-platform mobile development (Xamarin Forms and React Native), Web development (.NET, NodeJS, React, Angular, Vue) and multi-touch / augmented reality development (PixelSense, Kinect).



An experienced Project Management consultant with a demonstrated history of managing successful software development projects. Aislinn is skilled in Agile Development, SCRUM, Lean Project Management, Kanban, mobile and cross-platform projects, web projects and product management.